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NBN Basketball

Be a part of one of the top basketball programs in the Raleigh/Durham area! NBN Basketball offers top of the line basketball camps, clinics, personal training sessions, group training and leagues for kids ages 6 - 17.  Our specialized training techniques help kids develop the skillsets they need to perform at their best.  For more information on programs or how to register, click here!

Flag Football
NBN Soccer

NBN Soccer offers fundamental clinics for all skill levels!  All clinics emphasize fundamental technique, sportsmanship and teamwork that increases their skills in dribbling, passing and shooting. Children ages 4 - 12 are invited to participate in weekly instructional clinics held every Saturday at NBN Sports.

Dates: TBD   Cost:  $55.00/month

NBN Flag Football

New at NBN Sports!  NBN Recreational Flag Football is a fun and exciting way for your child to engage in non-contact football while learning the fundamentals of the game!  Kids ages 4 - 12 years old will be instructed on plays, form and technique from experienced coaches, while having the opportunity to play teammates in a friendly scrimmage game!


Refer to calendar for dates and times.  Cost:  $55.00/month

Tee Ball
NBN Tee Ball

New at NBN Sports!  NBN Tee Ball Clinics offers children ages 4 - 8 a way to develop their skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere!  These clinics focus on hitting, fielding and sliding while promoting an atmosphere that help your child perform at his or her best!


Refer to calendar for dates and times.  Cost:  $55.00/month

NBN Cheer and Dance

NBN Cheer and Dance clinics are designed for kids ages 6 - 15 years old. Our experienced instructors will help you become your best in a high energy, structured and fun environment! Whatever your dance or cheer goals are, we can help you get there!  


Dates:  TBD

Wheelchair Basketball

New at NBN Sports!  Don't let physical limitations stop you!  At NBN Sports, we want ALL individuals to have the opportunity to participate. This specialized program allows children and adults with certain physical restrictions the ability to participate in a basketball program designed especially for them! Contact us for more information or questions about program details.


Dates:  TBD

USports Training

USports trainers offer state of the art training that helps optimize performance, prevent injury and enhance recovery.  USports clients get elite training in any sport with a focus on joint mobility and movement control.  Register for a personal training session at NBN Sports now!

Cheer and Dance
Wheelchair Basketball
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