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Transforming our communities through

youth empowerment.


The reason we come to work is simple.  We know there is a desperate need in our community to help kids recognize and achieve their own unique potenial. 


Through education. But not just books and literature. After all, we have to have some type of way to get them through the door. And with the instilled passion that the founders of NBN Sports have for basketball, sports was naturally the only way to go.


NBN (Nothing But Net) Sports began in 2006, when founder Reggie Parker went to visit his mom - a principle at a local elementary school. While waiting, he noticed a boy dribbling a basketball in the office. Excited to see the kid's enthusiasm, Mr. Parker struck up a conversation with the boy, inquiring about what basketball camp he was going to attend that summer. 

"I'm not going to any sports camp this summer. My mom can't afford it."

Those two sentences alone were the sole motivation behind NBN Sports. While initially the organization began by offering high quality basketball camps at a low cost - focusing on underprivileged youth, Mr. Parker soon began to see that what was needed was much more than simply basketball fundamentals, skills and drills. These kids needed something more, to help assist in their overall physical development, personal character, and educational support.


NBN Sports has come a long way from its inception in 2006, when basketball camps were held out of a borrowed facility.  In 2014, NBN Sports acquired a new facility out of which all of the programs are run, and while basketball has always been the heart and soul of the organization, NBN Sports has expanded to include soccer, flag football, volleyball, dance, cheerleading and baseball as well. 

Additionally,  we have set the bar to new heights, developing  a program that emcompass all of the benefits of participating in sports (teamwork, sportsmanship, accountability, etc.), as well as those that expand mindsets, encourage exploration and instill confidence. This program, NBNU, is truly one of a kind in this area, and provides kids with tutoring, mentorship programs, career related activities (hosted by professionals within the community), character building courses, and educational support to its members.


We are dedicated to providing these kids with the tools they need - on and off the court - to help them succeed at achieving their unique and individualized goals. At NBN Sports, we understand that when kids are empowered, communities are strengthened, and that is when we all score.


Our vision is to transform communities throughout America by inspiring and preparing kids of all backgrounds through education and sports to be healthy, confident and responsible leaders committed to the betterment of society.


Reggie Parker


Specializations: Camps, Clinics, Personal Training, Group Training, Specialty Events/Clinics


Brittany Jones

Girls Basketball Coach

Specializations: Camps, Clinics, Personal Training, Group Training, Specialty Events/Clinics

Cliff Jones

Student Advisor/Coach

Specializations: Camps, Clinics, Personal Training, Group Training, Specialty Events/Clinics

We are dedicated to creating leaders and changing the lives of youth through sports and education.


NBN Sports is currently seeking sponsors for the 2016 - 17 school cycle.  If you would like more information on the levels of sponsorship available, in-kind donations or to receive a sponsorship package for your organization, please contact

If you or someone you know would like to financially partner or donate on an individual level, you can do so here!


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